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Departure time: 8.45-9.00 am (8 Hour)

Tour Program :

One of the famous tourist objects in Bali situated in Tegalalang Village north of Ubud featured by the amazing rice terrace set the cliff. Tegalalang Village is located on 600 m above sea levels covered by good temperature where most of the villagers as a farmer. It offers the stunning view of rice terraces. This village is formerly as usually traditional Balinese village in Bali where most of the villagers are working on the rice field and some of them are working as government officer and other private sectors. Nowadays, Tegalalang Village is become famous because of the beautiful rice terrace that the tourist to come and see this amazing panorama. The visitors who visit this village will discover the beautiful green rice terrace on the cliff bank and understanding how does the local farmer work on it hardly to make rice. It is a beautiful site that you must go and visit directly and you will be in real Balinese ambiance.

The unique thing of this place is when you shower, the water from your body will be colored soap scum such as water, locals believed that if you have dirt or medical or non-medical illness, then the water will turn murky, depending on how much negative thing there is in a person. The negative thing usually works magic person or that person’s behavior. do not be surprised when you see people dancing like  Rangda, a sound spooky or weird sound, even many who trance, and many other magical aura.

Locally referred to as Pura Tirta Dawa Gunung Kawi Sebatu, is a special find for visitors to Central Bali. It is one of the least visited temple complexes on the island Bali, yet is one of the most beautiful and tranquil. It features verdant gardens around ponds filled with carp and blooming lotuses, and ancient shrines surrounded by crystal clear pools fed by natural springs. In the story said that at the time of the reign of Mayadenawa King, a ruthless king which is not believe with the god that this place that this place is the escape path for Mayadenawa King together with his followers to Taro Village. The escape process is occurring after a desperate position in a battle against the Gods at Besakih Village. Because of fear to the Gods and the people who pursue him, so they scuttled and slipped between the rocks. (sauh di Batu). Aware of innocent people in danger, then Lord Vishnu give the source of life for those innocent people in form of holy water. As the attitude expression from the people, then this place was built a temple as a shrine to worship to Lord Vishnu which is now known as Gunung Kawi Sebatu which is completed by several fountains includes holy water, shower etc.

Lunch at the restaurant you can taste a local Indonesian cuisine.

an agro tourism that you will taste the local Bali coffee, Luwak Coffee, Teas and Spices.

Comfortable Air-conditioned Car, Cold Mineral Water, Parking Fee, English Speaking Driver, Sarongs & Petrol, A basket of offering and flowers.
Entrance Ticket, Lunch or Dinner and Other Expenses

What To Bring :  Sarong,Towel, extra Clothes

Price US $65/Car Accommodate up to 7 Passengers


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