One important element in human life on earth is water. Nearly two-thirds of the earth consists of water, the thing that distinguishes it from other planets in the universe. Not only the earth, two-thirds of the substances that make up the human body are also water. So important, the water has become a daily necessity and human beings cannot live without water. In Bali, the water is also used for religious rituals as Tirtha or holy water of God’s grace.

Agama Hindu Dharma adopted by most people in Bali is also known as Tirtha religion (“holy water religion”).

In Hindu rituals, as well as Tirtha, water is also used as a means of cleansing oneself physically and mentally in a ritual called melukat. Melukat ceremony is intended for cleanse the mind, body and the soul, including sickness or havoc caused by daily activities and sins.This ceremony is a tradition ,traditional Balinese Hindus hereditary still held up to now. While the spiritual cleansing itself is a process for removing the influence of dirty / klesa that exist in human beings.there are five Klesa, namely Awidya which means the darkness of the soul because too exalt yourself,  Asmila means selfishness, Raga indulgence in lust, Dwesa means, hate and revenge, and Abhiniwesa fear. If those five things there and dominate human life then certainly be dark and dirty.While melukat itself comes from the word Sulukat namely “Su” means good and “lukat” means purification. So melukat means to purify oneself to obtain a favor ,.Balinese Hindus believed that by doing this melukat ceremony of the things that are dirty or negative going back clean, pure and replaced by a positive things to continue living in the future. This ritual is usually held in place historic, temples, holy springs, water source believed to have the appropriate cleansing power and sea which is also considered to have a magical effect.Melukat can be performed at any time and on any occasion, especially when feeling spiritually unclean.

Melukat begins with flushing your head, face wash or shower while the water coming out of the shower. After melukat, people then do worship in the temple.

For those now facing earthly or spiritual problem, we are creating a “ MELUKAT TOUR’’, may be a destination worth doing  to perform Melukat and purify the mind, body and soul, hopefully bringing more prosperous and peaceful life.There are places to do MELUKAT,if you are interested to do it while you are in Bali, we will organize those trip and we have  combine this tour as shown below:


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